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Doloventâ„¢ delivers what diet alone can't

Mainstream medical research has documented that a deficiency in magnesium, Vitamin B2 and coenzyme Q10 can play a role - maintaining healthy blood flow to the brain. Correcting this dietary deficiency is a challenge since food alone cannot supply the clinical levels these micronutrients need to achieve normal brain energy levels.* This is why the clinical-strength Dolovent formulation was created.

Here is an overview of how each ingredient works and how they all work together to target the imbalances.


Magnesium levels are often low in certain individuals. This is a problem because magnesium stabilizes the nervous system, counteracts vascular cramping and inhibits inflammatory substances. Magnesium also influences messenger substances in the brain. Due to its relaxing effect, magnesium is called the "anti-stress mineral." The challenge is that magnesium levels can fall significantly during the day, especially during exercise.

Studies of magnesium and migraines suggest its effectiveness may relate to ionized magnesium levels and it appears that prolonged high-dose supplementation for a minimum of 3 to 4 months may be required to achieve benefit from using magnesium.

Adverse events reported during the studies have been mainly gastrointestinal (e.g., diarrhea). There has been no evidence of any short- or long-term safety issues for taking magnesium, although magnesium should not be used by people with serious kidney disease.


Certain individuals often have low levels of vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin). Water-soluble vitamin B2 is needed to support electron transport and all energy-related cellular functions, and has the ability to increase the energy metabolism of brain cells. As a coenzyme, vitamin B2 also plays a key role in carbohydrate, fat and energy metabolism.

Several studies have shown favorable results in using Vitamin B2. There is no known long-term toxicity from supplementation. Extremely low instances of diarrhea and frequent urination have been noted. A harmless side effect of Vitamin B2 is that it will give urine a fluorescent yellow color.


Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is known as an "energy enhancer" because it plays a role in electron transport. It is a vital component of mitochondria and a sufficiently high concentration of coenzyme Q10 is needed to activate the energy metabolism.

CoQ10's effect has not been studied to the extent of other natural substances (such as magnesium), but the research that has been conducted shows and associates use of CoQ10 over four months - enhanced energy and a substantial feeling of well being.


In addition to magnesium, Vitamin B2 and CoQ10, there are other key vitamins, minerals, trace elements that support both brain function and overall health and immunity. Bioflavonoids are especially important. These naturally occurring plant compounds have powerful antioxidant properties and have been shown to support healthy body systems, which fight DNA damage, the effects of aging, and support the circulatory system by increasing capillary strength.

In one convenient supplement, Doloventâ„¢ provides clinical levels of magnesium, riboflavin, plus coenzyme Q10 and other highly targeted vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Scientific Research

Selected research studies

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